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Saki Matsushita
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27th-Apr-2013 09:17 am - [sticky post] About this journal
Disclaimer: This is a journal for a fictional character.

In emeraldshadows, Saki Matsushita is in her first year at Miyagawa University. Originally from Tokyo, she shares a room in the dormitory with her friend Tokiko Tanaka (dragon_tokiko).

In emerald_facets, she is the executive assistant to Inukawa Kazuhiro, the representative of Okami, Inuyama and Asakura in Hawaii.

In War for the Oaks, she is an administrative assistant at Whiteoak College.

Description: Saki stands about five feet, three inches, with a slender frame. Her blue-black hair is worn long and flowing, framing a narrow face with bright, inquisitive brown eyes. She is nearly always attired in smart business fashions from upscale clothing stores.
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